Mirela Kraljevic is a Sydney based fashion photographer .

She was born and raised in a small town in Croatia and moved to Sydney in 2013. Mirela discovered her eye for design at a young age and graduated in Fashion Design at the School for Art & Design when she was 18 years old. She graduated university in Graphic Design only a few years later.

Mirela was inspired by the art in galleries, and inspired to do her own, so she started painting shortly after. It was then she began to recognize and develop her style and taste. With an eye for simplicity and the monochrome palette, her obsession with black, grey and white was borne.

Mirela's muse is none other than high end fashion designer Tom Ford. Her love and admiration for him is undying, obsessed with the entirety of his fashion empire.

She chose photography as it was a combination of everything she had ever learned about art and design.



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To contact Mirela please email to mirela.kraljevic.photography@gmail.com or call 0413 613 491